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Aqua Sentinel is a water filtration company that prides itself on superior customer service. We’re also on a mission to make a positive impact on the environment and our community.  Our services, which help eliminate the need for plastic water bottles, include bottle-free water coolers and filtration systems for homes and businesses all the while giving you the best tasting, clean quality water.

Premium Water Cooler and Water Filtration Systems

Whether you need a water cooler or filter for the home or office, we have a wide arrange of products to fit your needs. 

Free Standing Office Water Coolers

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Our Customers

Nationwide Service

Over 500 happy and satisfied clients. We have over a decade of experience, specialized in servicing a wide-range of industries and homes across the US and Canada.

“We have been using the Aqua Sentinel water purification system since July 2007. We were previously using bottled water and found it was a major inconvenience and hassle. We are happy about the change to a water cooler system for our business. We were spending over $65 a month on bottled water systems and the costs were always changing The Aqua Sentinel water purifier provides us with fresh water that our patients enjoy. I would highly recommend this system as a replacement for bottled water users”
The Rehab Center